Media Partners

The Endurance22 expedition will have extensive media coverage working in partnership with Little Dot Studios, Dan Snow’s History Hit and Celicourt Communications.

Little Dot Studios

Little Dot Studios is an award-winning digital content agency and media network established in 2013.

Specialising in creating meaningful connections between premium content and digital audiences, Little Dot Studios engages, grows and monetises digital audiences on social platforms and connected devices through data-driven, broadcast-quality creative.

Made up of over 350 digital experts, platform specialists and content superfans across the UK, US, Germany and APAC, Little Dot Studios works with the world’s most recognised TV, sports and consumer brands, creating premium video and audio content for more than 600 social channels globally and responsible for six billion organic views per month.

Little Dot Studios runs its digital broadcast network of more than thirty channel brands across social platforms and OTT video on-demand services; licensing over 15,000 hours of hand-picked long-form content, watched by over 400 million viewers in 2020 and expected to hit one billion viewers in 2022.

Little Dot Studios also owns sports-focused production studio WING, as well as broadcaster Dan Snow’s History Hit podcast network and SVOD service.

Little Dot Studios is an All3Media company.

Little Dot Studios is represented for television by CAA.


Little Dot Studios is working with veteran documentary producers and impact executives from Consequential LLC on long form production. Founded by entertainment and social impact experts from Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Productions, Rocky Collins, Ted Richane and Ruth Johnston, the company works with storytellers, philanthropists, production companies, investors, and brands throughout the life of films and programming on the most important issues of our day, including climate change, science literacy, public health, conservation, and human rights. Recent successes include Summer of Soul, Hunger Ward, USS Indianapolis: The Final Chapter, USS Indianapolis: Live from the Deep, The Reason I Jump and YOUTH v GOV.

History Hit

History Hit is a media network focused on making history more accessible in the digital age.

It runs five successful podcast series, including the chart-topping Dan Snow’s History Hit, which has been running for six years, broadcasting seven times a week. Recent additions include bi-weekly shows Not Just the Tudors, fronted by Suzannah Lipscomb, and Gone Medieval, with Matt Lewis and Cat Jarman. The network publishes episodes for enthusiasts of all eras, from ancient times to present day.

History Hit TV, its SVOD service, was launched in November 2017, focusing on original history programming. Alongside over 400 original documentaries, interviews and films, it also offers an archive of over 1,000 podcasts ad-free to subscribers. It is available on Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple, Android and web, with more platforms available soon.

History Hit has nearly one million social media connections across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and has recently launched digital publishing sections on focused on historical travel and video gaming.

Esther Horvath (Expedition Photographer)

Esther Horvath is a documentary photographer, fellow at the International League of Conservation Photographers, member of The Explorers Club and a science photographer for Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany.

Since 2015, Esther has dedicated her photography to the polar regions. She wants to show the full research story behind our climate data. She follows the work of multiple science groups that are working to better understand the changing polar regions. By documenting the work and life of scientists who deliver important data, Esther hopes to help make a difference in how people understand what is actually occurring in the polar regions and, in collaboration with scientists, help raise public awareness regarding these fragile environments.

Since the first polar assignment, she has photographed thirteen science expeditions in the Arctic and the Antarctic, including the MOSAiC expedition, the largest ever Arctic Ocean science expedition, where she spent almost four months on board the Polarstern icebreaker, in the Central Arctic Ocean in polar night, close to the North Pole. This work is published in the book Into the Arctic Ice” in English and “Expedition Arktis” in German. 

Her new project “Women of Arctic Science” is a tribute to women, who play an important role in Arctic research. 

Esther won the 1st prize in World Press Photo Award, Environmental single category in 2020.

Esther has received the Ranger Rick Photographer of the Year 2020 from National Wildlife Federation for advancing together the Ranger Rick magazine’s mission: to inspire a love and understanding of wildlife and the natural world in young children.

Esther’s work has been featured in National Geographic, The New York Times, Audubon Magazine, TIME, GEO and Stern among others.

Celicourt Communications

Celicourt Communications is the PR adviser for the Endurance22 Expedition, handling all media relations and providing communications support on all aspects of the Expedition. Celicourt is a leading communications consultancy, based in Central London, made up of a proven team of senior industry professionals and also worked on the PR and communications for the Weddell Sea Expedition in 2019.

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