Antarctic Wildlife Filmed During Endurance22 Expedition

In 2022, more than 30,000 students joined the search for Sir Ernest Shackleton’s famous lost ship in the ice-covered Weddell Sea off Antarctica. Along the way, we encountered a surprising variety of unforgettable Antarctic wildlife. After you meet the penguins, seals and whales of the Weddell Sea, stay tuned to see how your class can travel virtually to Antarctica and relive the entire Endurance22 expedition!

Educators: this film is the first in a set of five short documentaries filmed during the Endurance22 expedition! To access the additional four educational films that will be available in August 2023, please sign up at or

Presented by The Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust
Produced by HistoryHit
Host: Saunders Carmichael-Brown

To see subtitles in English, French, Afrikaans, Spanish and German, click on the Closed Caption button.

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